About My Business

I run this small business selling my high-quality beeswax wraps at local markets and on Etsy.

bees knees wraps owner at a craft fair


Why Beeswax Wraps?

woman wearing a yellow sweater wrapping a red bowl with green checkered beeswax wrap

Our landfills and oceans are teaming with plastic waste. We’ve all seen images of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch floating in the ocean (the Atlantic has a similar one). Plastic can break down into smaller and smaller physical pieces but never degrades. It persists in the environment and makes its way into our food. My beeswax wraps are a plastic-free alternative to cling wrap for food storage.

Our Materials

Materials used to make beeswax wraps. Jojoba oil, pine resin, and beeswax

My beeswax wraps are 100 % cotton. I use organic jojoba oil, pine resin, and local Oregon beeswax from a farm a couple of miles from my house.

Find us on Etsy & Locally At Craft Fairs

various beeswax wraps on a pine wood table

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